Jennifer’s Get It Done VIP Mastermind

Are You Ready to Play a Bigger Game in Your Business?
Join Me for the VIP Program to Transform Your Business!

You're great at what you do, and you’ve built a solid base of business, but you're not amplifying your visibility or maximizing your revenue potential. You know that you need some help to take your business to the next level.

You’re ready for a coach to support you to play a bigger game!

This program is focused on helping you CREATE, DESIGN, IMPLEMENT, and ACT on the tools you need to grow a profitable & sustainable business.

Here’s where we’ll focus in the Get Shit Done Mastermind:

  • Revenue Generation Boosters: get more leads, convert more clients, and increase your bottom line. Design sales systems and processes from lead generation to follow up to closing to Rock Your Sales Results! 
  • Brand Visibility Amplifier: increase your visibility, build credibility, and become recognized as a Thought Leader in your industry. Expand your brand with leveraged virtual or in-person speaking, webinars, video, and podcast guesting.
  •  Marketing Accelerator: design a solid sales & marketing plan that consists of well-tested principles and strategies proven to work. Optimize LinkedIn, content marketing, networking, and maybe even a book!! 
  • Leadership & Mindset Enrichments: navigate challenging situations with clarity and confidence, develop resilience, determine your strategic vision, and build strong teams to foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and advancement. 

With her help, you'll be able to achieve the success you desire in no time.

Don't let your business stall out - get professional sales, marketing, and leadership training from Jennifer Darling today! Her programs have helped 1,000s CEOs from all industries and backgrounds increase their profits by leaps and bounds.

Jennifer has over 25 years’ experience in sales, marketing, leadership, and mindset, so you can be confident that you're in good hands!

 My Mission is to support you to Raise Your Visibility, Rise in Leadership, and Rock Your Sales Results!

The VIP Program Details:

  • Sales, Marketing, Leadership, Mindset, and Revenue-Generating Strategies
  • Community of Smart, Driven, Committed, and Successful People
  • 2x monthly Live, Virtual Group Training, Coaching, Brainstorming & Mastermind meetings
  • Access to a Private LinkedIn Group for networking and support
  • Annual Sales & Marketing Strategic Planning •Access to all Special Events & Bonus Trainings
  • Access to the Mastering LinkedIn Deep Dive Training Course
  • Access to Student Portal with all meeting replays and resources
  • A coach to inspire you to keep climbing!
  • BONUS #1: 1 Day VIP Get ‘er Done LinkedIn Profile Makeover
  • BONUS #2: 1 Day VIP Get ‘er Done Annual Sales & Marketing Plan Development
  • BONUS #3: 1 Day VIP Get ‘er Done Leveraged Talk Makeover & Feedback

Carolyn Goerner

"With Jennifer as my coach, I turned long-time dreams into reality. She not only provided hands-on, tactical advice to get me moving forward - she made me believe in my talent and potential. She couples vast experience with a personalized approach to make sure you receive the insight and support you need.”

"Connect Consulting Services has been working with Jennifer and her amazing team and we have increased our sales by 200% in less than a year! Jennifer and her team are valued partners of ours! We now have sales metrics, a strategic approach to sales and marketing, along with a higher visibility. Thank you, Jennifer and the Darling Team for everything you do for Connect!”

Nora O’Brien

Program Pricing

Let’s Get IT Done Together!

Phase 1:
Get ‘er Done LinkedIn Profile Makeover, Content Marketing Strategy & Executive. 

Why? To Amplify Your Visibility and Build Top-of-Mind Awareness. You don’t want to have prospects look at your LinkedIn to see a shitty profile? NO! You want them to have the info they want to hire you today. And, for those ready to buy tomorrow, you need to keep in front of their faces, so they think of you and only you when they are ready.

Phase 2:
Get ‘er Done Leveraged Speaking, Design Your Talk, Your Speaker Marketing Materials, Your Outreach Plan, and Shine Your Diamond!

Why? Because Speaking is the #1 way to gain visibility without having to buy expensive ads. Plus, you’ll increase your credibility, authority and you’ll have your prospects lining up to work with you! This is the best way to grow your business and the most fun too! You can’t half-ass this part… you want your audience melting in your hands, not running to the exit doors or signing out of zoom early.

Phase 3:
Get ‘er Done Sales! Implement Your Sales & Marketing Program, Learn the Best Methods for Generating a Plethora of Leads, and How to Convert Prospects without Being an Annoying A-hole. 

Why? Because sales is the backbone of your business. You need money to grow, to build a support team, to uplevel your marketing materials, to save for retirement or whatever else you want. Most business owners have never had any formal sales training and want to barf at the idea of doing sales. What we teach is not icky, disgusting, or aggressive… and it won’t leave you wanting to take a shower afterward either. Nope, it’s pretty fun once you get over the pit in your stomach and get into action..

Phase 4:
Get ‘er Done Sales & Marketing Planning and Implementation. The best way to predict the future is to plan it said Peter Drucker.

Let’s make your life easier and your marketing more effective with guidance from the pros about marketing and promotion. Do what works so you can save time, money & effort while driving revenue results. We’ve been doing annual plans for 25 years and it works to help us design a roadmap to get the results we want. When we’ve skipped this part, our results have not been up to par!