Next Class Starts January 16, 2023
Coaches and consultants, want nothing more than to make a big difference while making a big income but if you’ve been struggling to make that happen, then read on…

What if you had a plan to add $100k in sales-
without sucking the joy out of the business you love?

It’s completely possible to add $100k in sales this year, but are you making it too complicated? Let’s talk about it…

Say this sentence out loud: “I added $100,000 to my business this year”  

How does that phrase make you feel?  

Scared? Excited? Overwhelmed?  

Maybe all three?  

If you’ve landed on this page, the odds are you’ve been there, felt all of that.  

There are so many coaches and consultants who would love to add that kind of revenue to their business.

There are also plenty who’ve been trying for years to no avail – or who’ve burnt themselves to a crunchy crisp in the process.  

And yet…something about that doesn’t seem fair, does it?

You’ve seen other people in your industry grow their revenue with such ease & grace.  

You’ve watched their wow-worthy webinars, studied their email sequences and maybe even bought their products and services (even though you totally knew you were being sold to!).

It all seems so easy & effortless for them.  

But when you think about doing this for your own business…  

Forget about it. You don’t even know where to start.  

And yet, every time you watch someone share his or her “6-figure success” story on social media, a little part of you feels terrible inside.    

Why isn’t that you? (Because it totally, absolutely should be you!)  

You start to doubt your worth, your value & whether this is truly the right path for you. You start to get on LinkedIn to search for a job. After all, that would be easier and pay more, right? 

Well, Here’s What the Most Successful Coaches and Consultants Know About Earning Good Money  
(You Won’t Find This Information Anywhere Else…  not even Google!)… 

What I'm about to tell you might just blow your mind.

I witness the same issues over & over again.

Most business owners aren't hitting their income goals for just ONE simple reason. 

An​​​​d no​​​​​​​​, it's not because they're not talented...

It's not because thery're not intelligent...

It's not because they're "not meant to be coaches or consultants"...

Ready for the Real Secret to adding more sales to your Coaching or Consulting Business – Without Insane Overwhelm?

Most coaches and consultants aren’t hitting their goals because they don’t have a proven sales system in place for getting clients and customers!

That’s it!

Now, this lack of a sales system can show up in a few very detrimental ways.

Tell me if you any of this rings a bell…  

You don’t know what to offer – or how to offer it in a way that magnetizes ideal clients.  

You don’t have a real marketing plan in place – and instead rely on “wishful thinking” (which I promise will never get you to six figures, or probably any other financial goal you have, either!).  

You don’t believe in sales funnels…or shy away from them because you think they’re too complicated to set up.  

You’re not comfortable making sales calls, having sales conversations, or making offers to your ideal customers.  

Or maybe you’re just inconsistent with your marketing and content creation. Maybe you’re “there one day, gone the next"–so nobody knows whether they should trust you, let alone fork over their hard-earned money to buy what you’re selling!

Now, no matter which of the common pitfalls they’ve fallen prey to, the truth is it doesn’t have to be that way.

Because I know that when you take the time to set up a solid sales systems and process from the start that leads people from “maybe” to “OMG yes!” …  

…you CAN simplify your sales and add 6 figures or more to your business. (And you CAN FINALLY feel confident in your ability to attract and retain customers!)

If you’re grinding month after month and still not hitting your financial goals, I’ve created a special program just for you. 


A 12 Week Training and Taking Action Program

During this 12-week program, you’ll discover how to set up a simple sales process that converts your ideal clients without manipulative sales tactics. Instead, you’ll have a sales plan that is authentic to you and brings joy back to the business you love.  

 If you want to learn how to…

  •  Have successful sales conversations every time
  •  Implement systems that support you to consistently cultivate massive sales.
  •  Cultivate Referral Champions to easily gain more great clients.
  •  Build an effective and consistent lead generation system to always have a plethora of prospects.
  •  Develop and maintain a sales mindset to connect authentically and naturally with your prospects.
  •  Consistently make more cash with a proven process you can implement again & again.

Then you’re in the right place.

Here’s a peek inside this innovative course…

Week 1:  Set Yourself Up to Rock Your Sales Results!

Want to create bigger profits?  You need to set yourself up to thrive.  Being a "Yes" to your business and to sales.  The more masterful you get at sales, the more people you can help and the more your business will thrive.

Here's what we'll cover...

✓   How to set and measure your revenue goals so you have a consistent flow of incoming lead.
✓  Tracking your sales activity, including reach outs, conversations, and follow up to convert more sale.
✓  The proven Thriving Sales Cycle so you have a repeatable process to follow every time.
✓  Cultivate a Monetization Mindset to attract and retain long-term customers.

Weeks 2 & 3: How to have a successful Sales Conversation Every Single Time

You’re off to a great start. Ready with the right mindset to authentically connect with your prospects without being salesy, pushy or aggressive, but instead with a servant sales mindset. Now, it’s time to start having conversations with prospects that make you excited! 

Here’s what we’ll cover…

✓  Understand the Four Types of Clients and how to treat each one to meet them where they are at and generate a ongoing flow of potential clients.
✓  Exact Steps to have Stellar Sales Conversations with every prospect. You’ll feel great about having calls with prospects, and they will love hearing from you!
✓  Learn how to prepare for your calls including pre-call, call-openers, conducting the call, and seamlessly making an offer.

Week 4:  Systems and Other To-Dos that Consistently Cultivate Massive Sales

Like my friend Tracy says, Systems can be SEXY! I think it’s true if it’s helping you to make more money. Having the right systems and processes in place to run a smooth operation is critical to growing your business. We’ll cover what you need to get started and how you can upgrade as you uplevel your business.  

Here’s what we’ll cover…

✓  What information you should be tracking. What gets watched gets results. The more you focus on your activity, the more it will increase.
✓  What to do before, during and after to attract, connect, and enroll prospects. 90% of sales are lost because of lack of follow up (or no follow up). A great system helps you win more clients.
✓  Best practices in on-boarding clients. To keep life-long clients we want to make sure their on-boarding experience sets the pace for what’s to come.
✓  Managing Referrals so they become Champions and continue to send you qualified leads! 

Week 5:  Cultivate Champions to Easily Gain More Clients

You may never have to make another cold call again if you always have a steady flow of referrals. But, most people think of how to get referrals and not how to cultivate referral champions. There’s an art to how we take care of referrals and a mindset shift that comes with it. 

Here’s what we’ll cover… 

  The Eight Steps to Cultivate Champions with Ease so you have repeat business that you love.
✓  How to determine where who makes a good referral champion and where to find them.
✓  Ways to reward and celebrate them so they keep sending more leads and feel great about working with you.

Week 6: Mastering the "Being Side of Sales"

Value does not only exist in your offers. There’s value in the qualities of how you show up. Are you caring? Inspiring? Fun? Present? Do you know how to “hold space?” for your clients? Do you have a community and offer accountability? How you show up makes all the difference in the world, and in sales.

We'll Cover...

✓  The 4 Elements of Certainty to ground you with your sales conversations.
✓  Guiding principles to be a master at sales. It’s about who you are, what you think, and what you believe that sets the stage for running a successful business and serving your clients. 
✓  Overcoming your own resistance and creating new, empowering beliefs around sales and selling to make the difference you want to make in the world through your work.

Week 7:  Effective Lead Generation

From best-kept secret to major influencer! You can’t make offers and sales if you have no-one to share them with. Which also means you can’t make the difference in the world you came here to make through your work. You need to always be generating leads to fill your sales pipeline and increase your cash flow.

We'll Cover...

✓  Lucrative Lead Generation process to know where you’re at and where you need to go next to build influence and add more clients.
✓  Strategies for increasing your awareness, adding to your list and increasing engagement. 
✓  The difference between marketing and lead generation to ensure you’re focusing on the right activities to take you where you want to go.

Week 8:  Knock Out Sales Plateaus & Grow Your Revenue

There comes a time in everyone’s business where you can get stuck, stopped or stalled if you don’t have the right plan in place. Knowing how to prevent sales plateaus and prepare for the future will help minimize or even avoid sales slumps so you can keep growing, and growing, and growing!

We'll Cover...

✓  15 Tips to proactively keep from having sales slumps so you can even out your revenue and build from every month.
✓  Who you need on your team to help you get more done in less time.
✓  Get pumped up for your sales conversations to approach every prospect with an energetic, positive attitude.

Week 9:  Insights for Consistent Revenue on a Steady Climb

You’re gaining momentum and getting new customers. You want to ensure that you keep climbing and serve more people. Maximize your full potential with strategies to both focus and scale. Go forth louder and prouder about the value you give so you can sell more and serve more.

We'll Cover...

✓  Make it easy for prospects to say “Yes!” to your solution and yes to themselves.
✓  Upgrade your systems and support so you can put more time into working in your genius zone.
✓  Be willing to get uncomfortable to go to heights beyond your wildest imagination.

3 Weeks: Sales Blitzes:  In addition, there are 3 weeks
built in for taking action on FOLLOW UP!

Knowing what to do and when to do it, plus having great systems and processes are critical. But, the best way to guarantee results is to get into action! During this 12-week program, you’ll not only get training, you’ll also get into massive action. You’ll have accountability check ins during weekly meetings and a community of support to hold you up high. You’ll also find a partner to run “sales blitzes” with to support you in having success in hitting your financial goals.

When you make sales action an integral part of your coaching and consulting business, you’ll finally be able to …

✓  Rest easy at night knowing you don’t have to scrounge and scrap for each and every client just to get by!
✓  Have an easy way to repeat your success over & over–with just minor tweaks!
✓  Hit your next $100k income goal more quickly!

PLUS,  you get these valuable bonuses when you join Rock Your Sales Results
Over $1000 value

Bonus #1 - Power Up Your Networking Assessment
$97 Value

3 Strategies to Increase Cash Flow Now Training
$297 Value

Bonus #2 - 10 Questions for High-Converting Sales Conversations
$197 Value

1:1 Coaching Call with Jennifer to Map Out Your Offer
$500 Value

 I get it. You’ve worked your fanny off to get to where you are. You’re a rockstar coach or consultant, the clients you do have adore you and you really can’t imagine doing any other work. Yay, you!

 You were born for this.  

You don’t have to settle for a business that’s “doin’ okay” in the sales department!  

Instead… You can have a business and a bank account you love.  You can add $100k to your business in the next 12 months, in a simple, streamlined, stress-free way.

 And? I can show you how.

Can’t wait until YOU become the next $100k success story!


 p.s. I’m looking for rockstars who will dive in, take action, and be willing to try new things… possibly get a little uncomfortable. For this program to work for you, you must be clear on who you want to serve, have some type of audience already, and how you want to serve them (have some type of program to offer). If this is you, let’s get it started!  If you don’t meet these requirements, let’s talk, I have another option for you. 

Jennifer Darling

Jennifer Darling is master at creating visibility, making noise, and building relationships using innovative strategies. Her posts on LinkedIn have generated 10’s of thousands of views and she’s grown her network to over 5,000 qualified connections. Jennifer speaks to thousands more people each year, in-person and virtually to help business professionals connect and engage with prospects & referral partners to grow their businesses.

Jennifer works with individuals to position themselves as thought leaders, trusted advisors, and experts in their industries. She is the author of Increase Your Leads with LinkedIn: 52 Tips for Sales Success, Discover Your Inspiration, and is the creator of Mastering LinkedIn Deep Dive Virtual Training.

When she’s not teaching people how to optimize their sales and maximize their marketing, she’s chasing her Yorkie, Finnegan or snuggling with her 130 pound lapdog, Bernese Mountain Dog, Roxy.