LinkedIn On Demand Crash Course

Jennifer Darling 

In this course you will learn exactly what works to get buyers' attention, to build interest in your service, create desire for your support, and take action
Most people think of LinkedIn as a tool for finding a job or recruitment. But LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful tool for businesses to engage with prospects. 

To attract high-paying clients on LinkedIn, you need to know how to use the platform effectively. That means understanding how to capture attention, build relationships, and deploy strategies like my "LinkedIn Engagement Generator." 

With the right approach, LinkedIn is a goldmine for businesses looking to grow their client base.

              In this course your will learn:
  • How to use LinkedIn to grow your list of influential connections to attract qualified leads and referrals
  • The 4 best types of posts to engage with high-paying prospects 
  • The #1 Mistake most business owners make that keep them from growing their revenue (and how to break past that plateau)

Course Curriculum

Jennifer Darling

Jennifer Darling is master at creating visibility, making noise, and building relationships using innovative strategies. Her posts on LinkedIn have generated 10’s of thousands of views and she’s grown her network to over 5,000 qualified connections. Jennifer speaks to thousands more people each year, in-person and virtually to help business professionals connect and engage with prospects & referral partners to grow their businesses.

Jennifer works with individuals to position themselves as thought leaders, trusted advisors, and experts in their industries. She is the author of Increase Your Leads with LinkedIn: 52 Tips for Sales Success, Discover Your Inspiration, and is the creator of Mastering LinkedIn Deep Dive Virtual Training.

When she’s not teaching people how to optimize their sales and maximize their marketing, she’s chasing her Yorkie, Finnegan or snuggling with her 130 pound lapdog, Bernese Mountain Dog, Roxy.

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  • LinkedIn On Demand Crash Course
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