Attract More Leads & Referrals, Make a Bigger Impact, and Grow Your Revenue by Leveraging LinkedIn

You’re about to discover
the 4 Most Essential Elements 
to turn LinkedIn into a
Marketing Machine for Your Business.

  1. Convert HOT PROSPECTS with phenomenal LinkedIn profile that’s a marketing machine for your business! What exact pieces you need in your profile to entice buyers to take action
  2.  Position Yourself as THE ONE for your ideal clients. You’ll get the exact formula for creating high-value content that connects and engages decision makers positioning you as the ONLY resource for THEM. 
  3. Catch the attention of more leads and referrals. Learn to increase your network of influential connections so you become known as the go-to expert in your field to get more leads and referrals. 
  4. Attract a Plethora of High-Paying Prospects. Learn my proven process to attract more prospects than you ever before and understand exactly where LinkedIn fits in that sales process.

Hey Rockstar!

I’m so happy you’re considering joining me for the LinkedIn Deep Dive course. When I started teaching LinkedIn strategies for sales and marketing many years ago, I had no idea where it would take me. Today, I hear from clients who have booked $5,000 deals, $10,000 deals, $100,000 deals and just recently two clients who have $1,000,000 deals all with the power of LinkedIn.

With a combined 25 years of sales and marketing experience with corporations such as Hearst Television and Comcast representing some of the biggest brands in the world, NBC, CBS, FOX, and clients such as Chevy, Disney, and McDonalds, I know what works and what doesn’t for the big “guys.” I’ve taken that experience along with my own experience as a business owner and entrepreneur working with coaches, consultants, speakers, and experts and we’re having massive success utilizing my tailored strategies designed especially for them. 

LinkedIn is a big part of my sales & marketing system and I find it’s one of the pieces many busy business owners struggle with. So, I’m bringing you everything you need to know to maximize it in the simplest way you can. I look forward to hosting you in this course!


LinkedIn Deep Dive Course Description

Your business is an excellent expression of your knowledge and your potential impact in the world. You created it knowing that you have massive value to bring to your clients… and you are needed today more than ever before.

 If you’re passionate about supporting 1000’s more people, and you’re ready to get your message and your business seen by more people, then this training is for YOU!!

It’s time to expand your visibility, rise in leadership and rock your sales results. It’s time to finally move beyond the world’s “best kept secret” and show up online as the go-to-expert who you really are. It’s time to attract more customers and make more money in your business. And, the world needs more of YOU! 

This is totally possible for you!

You can absolutely create more awareness about your business, more interest in your services, and entice people to take action in new and innovative ways. Get your important message out to 10s of 1000s more people and make the difference you’re here to make. I’ve helped 1,000s of clients to maximize their online presence on LinkedIn to get more leads and referrals and become known in their industries as a Thought Leader, and I can help you too.

And, ladies… we need to hear more from you. If you think back to when you started in business and consider who are some of the professional women you had to look up to? Can you name any? When I ask this question in my trainings, the most common answer is mom or grandma. While these are remarkable women leaders, unfortunately, they are the ONLY names I hear. We need more women, just like you, to take the reigns and lead the way. It’s not just about you, it’s about all of the women business professionals who are our future and need to learn from us.

Not only does this matter to other women in business, but your voice is needed in your community, your industry, and with your customers.

When I started in sales … a loooong time ago, the only way to reach new prospects was to go knocking on doors making cold calls. Seriously. An occasional networking event would give you a little more in-person time with a prospect, but those opportunities were limited.

Today’s relationships are still being built in person (not via cold calls), but there’s a new business matchmaker in town and that’s the online relationship building that is happening every single day. According to Gartner (the leading sales research firm in the country) 80% of all B2B sales will occur via a digital channel…. That is a HUGE opportunity for you to get ahead of the curve.

I’ve developed a very large following myself which is why I’m constantly getting incoming leads and referrals for my business. Incoming referrals have a much greater close rate… it’s nearly 100%. That hasn’t just happened over night. It took consistency, effort, concentration, focus and action. It doesn’t work to dip your toes in the water, then get out. Getting results online is a long-game… but your efforts will pay off by having high-paying clients who stay with you longer. 

Having high-paying, long-term clients is the best way to build a sustainable business and grow your revenue every year.

I know you know this already, but what you might not know is exactly HOW TO CULTIVATE these prospects.


  • Getting LinkedIn messages from a prospects who wants to work with you based on a recommendation from someone in your network (who you don’t even know)
  • Never having to make a cold call again because you’re generating leads in less intrusive ways
  • Being asked to be a speaker for a conference with your perfect customers all in one room
  • Receiving a glowing testimonial from one of your top clients about the amazing work you did with them
  • Having 1,000s of followers on LinkedIn who see you as a mentor in your industry and an advocate for women in business
  • Becoming known for the excellent coach, consultant, speaker or trainer you really are
  • Putting the meaningful messages into the world that you are here to share

Let's Get Ready to ROCK!

Increasing your impact with the right message to the right audience with the right method is the most important way you can serve more people and make the difference in the world you’re here to make.

You’re in the right place if you’re…

  •  Ready to stop playing small and step into a bigger game
  • Struggle to find time and want a more targeted approach 
  • Afraid to put yourself and your ideas out there
  • Get overwhelmed and confused about what to focus on
  • Unsure how to connect with prospects without sounding “salesy,” “spammy” and gross
  • Concerned about showing up all self-promotional

Here’s what you’ll get in the LinkedIn Deep Dive Course:

  • Exactly what to put in your profile page to convert prospects who are ready to buy
  • Clarity on how to package your experience and knowledge so you stand out!
  • Who and how to connect with decision makers and build relationships to advance your sales
  • How to get your biggest prospects attention to influence their buying outcomes
  • Expand your leadership presence and step into Thought Leadership for your industry, your community, and your business
  • 4-part formula to turn your ideas into POWER posts
  • High-converting sales process: learn the other parts of a successful sales process!
  • Workbook, Templates, and Ideas to help you implement what you learn
  • Private, Online Community for feedback and questions

 "Jennifer packs a punch when it comes to delivering relevant, actionable tips to leverage connections and influence through Linkedin."

Rebecca Murray

  "I just completed Jenn's Mastering Linkedin Deep Dive. This program was worth thousands of dollars. Even though I am a pretty savvy LinkedIn user, I learned a ton of new information. Her generosity in providing real useable information at no cost to us is amazing."

Barbara Spector
Sales Expert/Spekaer

You need these 4 Essential Elements to Turn LinkedIn into a Marketing Machine for Your Business.

Section 1 
Maximize Your Prime Real Estate

In this section, you’ll learn:

  1. 5 Steps to Maximize Your Prime Real Estate – Get to know the 5 most important sections of your profile and how to attract your ideal customers right away
  2. Find what keywords and phrases your ideal customers are searching for so they’ll find you when they are looking
  3. Attention-Getters - Discover the 5-7 words that get the most attention and build influence with prospects
  4. Capture Your Prospects – client captivating words to inspire a call-to-action generate interest and leads

Section 2 
Design Your Marketing Engine 

In this section, you’ll learn:

  1. Steps to Position Yourself as an Expert – how to use customer-focused language to entice buyers to choose you
  2. #1 Most Powerful Section to create value and showcase your awesomeness
  3. Proven formula for a High-Converting About Section – write your “About” section to speak to your customers’ needs
  4. The Social Credibility Formula – this makes it super easy to get recommendations, so your ideal clients have social proof of your badassery

Section 3 
Grow Your Network of Influential Connections 

In this section, you’ll learn:

  1. 5 Ways to add high-quality connections to your network – the more people who know about you, the more opportunities you have for sales
  2. 3-Part Proven System to generate leads from networking – use this easy 3-part strategy to maximize your speaking and networking events to boost your leads and referrals 
  3. LinkedIn Engagement Strategy – engage your top prospects without being salesy or spammy. Develop authentic relationships that build long-lasting sales.

Section 4
Establish Your Thought Leadership Presence

In this section, you’ll learn:

  1. 4 Part Formula to Build Top-of-Mind Awareness with prospects, referrals, and clients wo you become the choice they think of first when it’s time to buy
  2. Simple Blueprint to Create Client-Enticing Content – the #1 issue I hear businesspeople say is they don’t know what to write about. In this section, you’ll learn easy tips for finding the content your ideal clients want and how to develop it
  3. 3 Steps to Generate Massive Visibility with High-Quality Leads- getting the attention of your ideal clients is more challenging than ever. With these simple, strategic tricks, you can get their attention and stand out

BONUS Resources
Establish Your Thought Leadership Presence

In this section, you’ll learn:

  1. Simple strategies you can use LinkedIn for to get in front of and stay in front of buyers. 
  2. The 3-Part process to leverage every event for an endless supply of inbound leads. 
  3. How to follow up, make noise, create buzz, and build top-of-mind awareness with buyers so they think of you first! 

 "Jennifer adds so much value that we could barely receive it all. She is FUN, intuitive and INSPIRING. She does not waste time and OVER-DELIVERS to her listeners. "

Beth Montpas
Life Coach

 "When it comes to teaching leaders, sales professionals, speakers, and entrepreneurs how to make the most of their social footprint and platforms, adopt new strategies and ideas that will help them resonate most with the clients and customers that matter to them, and even have FUN building their brand - Jennifer Darling is must hire".

Julie Escobar
President at Darryl Davis Seminars

 "We were so privileged to have Jennifer give a workshop on Sales Strategies for Linkedin at our Speaker Slam Academy this weekend. Our minds were blown and the information was so powerful that we jumped into action to make changes. "

Rina Rovinelli
Speaker & Coach 

How to Participate:

Get started right away with my LinkedIn Deep Dive Course. You can access the bonus training modules from anywhere and work with them at your own pace.

The program includes in-depth training videos with easy-to-follow templates and guides to support you to leverage LinkedIn for sales and marketing. They cover everything you need to know to increase your visibility, build quality relationships and nurture lead and referrals.

You get clear action steps at every stage, so you know exactly what to do. My system makes designing you LinkedIn marketing strategy easy!

You’ll also get access to my private LinkedIn group where you can share your work with other members to get their feedback. And, receive important updates on LinkedIn changes.

PLUS, you get these valuable bonuses when you enroll now:

BONUS Value $997

Bonus #1: Your Online Searchability Formula
In this training your will learn:

  1. The 4-part formula to get your LinkedIn profile in more Google searches!
  2. The exact steps to take to maximize your online reach
  3. Secrets only the pros know!

Bonus #2:  Create Graphics with Canva
In this training your will learn:

  1. Step-by-Step instructions on how to create graphics with Canva
  2. You’ll need graphics for everything on your profile page: banner, lead magnet, and marketing materials
  3. You’ll also need graphics for your articles and posts

Bonus #3:  Set Up Your Virtual  Home Office
In this training your will learn:

  1. The keys to lighting your office space so you look like a million bucks on video
  2. How to set up your office space, the design and layout, to be appealing to your audience
  3. Which technology you need for video and audio to look and sound like a pro!

Bonus #4: Interview with Power Users
In this training your will learn:

  1. Expert interviews with LinkedIn Power Users to learn exactly what they do for sales success
  2. How to use LinkedIn Live to create engagement and audience reach
  3. What the pros do that increases their visibility with their ideal clients

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We use an online Learning Management System, called New Zenler. All of the training modules and bonuses will be there for you to access. The online support group is on LinkedIn. You’ll get access to it when you register for the training.

Yes, you can! Just email, subject: private coaching and let them know what you would like coaching on. Jennifer provides coaching on LinkedIn, Sales, Marketing, Leadership, and Mindset.

Yes! Email Jennifer at, Subject: speaking engagement. Let her know the dates, what’s the theme of your event, where is it (virtual or in-person), who is in your audience, how big is your audience, what’s your budget and the best phone number to call you back. She’ll get back to you with a phone call to let you know if the dates are available

Email with your techy questions. Please do not email Jennifer, she’s busy creating content for you!

I’m ready to attract More Leads & Referrals, Make a Bigger Impact, and Grow My Revenue!

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Plus Bonus Items!

 "One referral through LinkedIn resulted in a $100,000 training and speaking deal!." 

Chuck Thokey
Keynote Speaker/Sales&Marketing Coach

 "Jennifer never fails to amaze me! I've participated in several of her virtual programs and I always walk away with actionable tips that I can implement immediately. Jennifer's energy keeps her learners engaged and her approachable style encourages interaction. If you're looking for a sales and marketing coach, speaker, or trainer, Jennifer is IT

Courtney Ramsey
Leadership Development Consultant

 "Jennifer has helped me grow to over 25,000 followers on LinkedIn and make a significant footprint in our industry."

Nora O'Brien
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